Stromberg white-water

Strömberginkoski is a small waterfall in the Mätäjoki River flowing through the district of Pitäjänmäki in north-western Helsinki. The fall is located in the Strömberg park area, south of Strömbergintie road. In the fall, the water drops about 3 meters over an almost vertical rock cliff. The place offers a peaceful resting place for busy …

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Rantaraitti – the waterfront walkway

Espoon Rantaraitti is a unique recreational and outdoor route that follows Espoo’s waterfront coastline. The route runs almost continuously from the border of Helsinki to the border of Espoo and Kirkkonummi, covering a distance of over 40 kilometers. The route is developed further despite opposition from landowners.


Sunflower field

The community of Sipoo sows sunflower seeds every year in two fields just a short distance from Helsinki for anyone to pick up sunflowers at no cost while the city of Espoo charges small payment for the same!