Tervetuloa, welcome, bienvenido, välkommen, tere tulemast, Ласкаво просимо,…

raito.net was launched in 2001 to reserve raito.net domain (later also raito.fi) name for our own personal use such as home page and customised email addresses. Since those days raito.net has gone through many changes in regards both to the content and technical platform. 

We continue to develop raito.net merely for our own enjoy and to keep up with the fast changing internet content creation! We aim to publish new picture rich articles focusing travel and nature from time to time. 

We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate in filling in the contact form found herein!

Webmaster; graphic design, content creation, Platform-specific development, photography, photo and footage editing…! All these skills are for building an effective website! exactly for these reasons this is very interesting hobby.